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Grilled Snout Otter Clam – a specialty of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

24 Aug

Snout Otter Clam (tu hài) is a specialty of Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong district. Actually, it’s so hard to find out the reason why it was named “tu hài”.

Grilled Snout Otter Clam

Its original name sounds like a Chinese name that is so difficult to be explained the meaning. People just can describe Snout Otter Clam to look similar to clam but its meat part is as thick as blood cockle, its taste is as fresh as abalone. Previously, Snout Otter Clam was a special seafood used as offerings for the kings.

Grilled Snout Otter Clam will be tastiest when being served with sliced-into-thread fresh ginger and deep-fried onion bulbs and Cat Hai fish sauce. Visitors who first time have tried grill Snout Otter Clam will feel its taste strange because the meat is soft, fresh and totally unique, different from other kinds of seafood.

Snout Otter Clam lays deeply below the low tide sand field in the coast. People have to dig on at least 50cm to find out it. Snout Otter Clam seekers must spend a long day in the sand field to gather several tens of Snout Otter Clam, that’s why it becomes the most specious kind of seafood in the local area. Because of the difficulty in seeking Snout Otter Clam, there are not many people doing this job. The experienced seekers find it easily to dominate the fields and the cost of Snout Otter Clam also increases due to this.

There is a seafood restaurant in Hai Phong which has bought fresh Snout Otter Clam and raised it in the aquarium containing salty water in order to satisfy the customers who are interested in seafood. However, after being raised, Snout Otter Clam can’t be as greasy as when they have already been gathered. In addition, the salty water in aquarium must be the one from Cat Ba Bay so that Snout Otter Clam can live. The sea water from other places are not appropriate to the living environment of Snout Otter Clam because of the difference in salt level.

Furthermore, people say that the chef of this restaurant who is proficient in making grilled Snout Otter Clam formerly was the cook of  an military unit which had the famous astronaut Tuan Pham in America defending period, that’s one of reasons for the large number of customers coming to this restaurant.

It can’t be denied that grilled Snout Otter Clam is extremely delicious although the dish can only be served in afternoon drink time in the port area or as the appetizer of a luxury meal in the hotel. To totally feel the taste of  this specious specialty, there is a recommendation that diners should enjoy it with several cups of  herbal wine.

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Cam Mountain (Thien Cam Son) – The majestic mountain

18 Aug

Cam Mountain, or Thien Cam Son (heaven’s forbidden mountain) is the highest and largest one belonging to the superb Mountains (That Son) in An Giang.

The majestic mountain places itself imposingly in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta on the altitude of 710m. The panoramic view of Great Buddha Pagoda (in An Binh, An Hao Commune) from Vo Bo Hong Peak presents a great valley surrounded by rolling mountains in the Thien Cam Son chain such as Vo Dau, Vo Bo Hong, Vo Thien Tue, etc.

Endowed with such spectacular mountainous terrain, the Mountain is considered as a Dalat (a famous highland resort) in the Mekong Delta. it has a cool climate year-round, original natural spots associated with interesting, heart-warming legends and myths that lure increasing numbers of tourists in Vietnam tours and vacationers.

Why is it called Forbidden Mountain? According to a folk tale,Cam Mountain was once very rugged with many frightening beasts and invisible figures living there. As a result, the inhabitants in the area forbade themselves from coming there. However, another legend goes that Nguyen Anh sought refuge in the mountain from the chase of Tay Son insurgents and forbade anyone’s access to the mountain, hence its name “Forbidden Mountain”.

Downhill in the east is 100-ha Lam Vien Tourist Park on Cam Mountain which offers a wide range of recreational services including Kaolin Restaurant featuring specialties of the Seven Mountains Region.

Don’t miss the poetic Thanh Long (blue dragon) stream while following the trail from the park up the mountain. Resume your trip until you reach a fork, there you are in “Cam Mountain Highland”. Take the right-hand track for about 1km, you will see Vo Thien Tue peak. Then go back to your left hand up the sloping path to the Great Buddha Pagoda. On the way there, visitors in Vietnam tourism can stop by Thuy Liem cavern, or admire Vo Bach Tuong (a grand white elephant-shaped rock on the side of the mountain) in O Cat. Then you can make a sightseeing tour of the Great Buddha Pagoda, Van Linh (holy) Pagoda, Vo Bo Lon (a grand bull-shaped rock), and finally Vo Bo Hong, the highest peak of Cam Mountain (and also of the Mekong Delta) from which you can see as far as Ha Tien sea waters if the weather is fine

Some impressing resorts in Hanoi

16 Aug

If you have a plan to visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, you don’t miss some most famous resorts as follow, which are best places for relaxing, and picnicking in Hanoi

1. Asean Resort – Hòa Lạc, Thạch Thất, Hà Nội.

Address: 21A Hoa Lac, Thach That, Hanoi

Grass Skiing

The resort, located  about 35km from the center of Hanoi, is quiet cool, lots of trees. For those who want to go no far from Hanoi but require a quiet, clean place, this is the perfect place for tourists in Vietnam tours to choose for weekend trips with friends and family.

While other resorts favored by the flavor of the sea, the resort attracts tourists by the types of natural services such as: hot water pools, Ninh Kieu hot springs, grass skiing, etc.

However, the price of this resort of the highest ones  in many resorts around the capital. The plus point is whether the public holiday prices here are not “high” up. On average, every room here from 3.5 million to VND 21 million / night (prices are accompanied by such services as dining, entertainment, spa …).

2. Van Minh Resort – Chúc Sơn, Chương Mỹ, Hà Nội

Address: Chuc Son town, Chuong My district, Hanoi.

Located at the entrance of the Capital, the National Road No 6 to Hoa Binh and about half hour driving from Ha Noi, Van Minh Resort is a complex resorts, nearby two national sceneries are Tram Pagoda, and Tram Gian Pagoda. This area has 40 rooms overlooking to the countryside and Xu Doai mountains.

The price of Van Minh Resort is from VND960.000 a day or more depending on the type of room and room area.

3. Tan Da Resort – Tản Lĩnh, Ba Vì, Hà Nội

Address: Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi

Just one hour driving from Hanoi to check in Tan Da Spa Resort where is the perfect location for escaping couple in holidays (2 or 3 nights) or family group at weekend and Meeting, Incentive, Events and Conference groups.

The resort was designed in opening space, peaceful and tranquil-a new envision for the mélange of nature and human beings,  a deep feeling of living amidst a blue and cloudy sky of the marvelous Tan Vien mountain-Da River of the legendary story of the God of Mountain and the God of River. It’s main purpose to offer relaxation and refreshing rest.

Tan Da Spa Resort offering 53 rooms designed by the ancient architecture of the country villages typical of Bac Bo countryside (Viet Ancient House) and the houses of “East meets West” (Lac Viet House). Visitors can live and really feel the culture traits of the old Viet people amidst a green and fresh space with green and yellow bamboo clumps, trellises of gourds, water wells…

The interior decorations were simply built with a combination of bamboos and wood…to give the visitors the feeling of escaping from  daily pressure of work and of enjoying hours of living in a peaceful atmosphere.  However, the rooms are also equipped with modern gadgets such as cable television, fridges, air-conditioners, mini bar, Wifi Internet, Room Service…

And especially relax in the hot an cool mineral water pool in the resort to balance yourself

After a day in the hot mineral water of the nature source and have some special wine and cuisin of the forest, mountain, guest will find a balance self in Tanda Spa Center  with various service package to get health better such as Foot masssage, Facial treatment, body massage, Hot stone massage, soaking baths with natural miner water, red wine, champagne, stout, fresh goat milk, fresh cow milk, green tea.

Da Ong Club is where you can relax and enjoy with your group in karaoke, Singer room, Double bikes, tennis, billiards, badminton, electric cars for  Vietnam tour,  the funny Swan boat, motorboat to relax on the lake and you can do fishing on the lake also.

Room prices are from VND1, 5 million to VND 6.5 million / night depending on room type and room area.

4. Hoang Long Resort – Thạch Thất, Hà Tây

Address: Thach That , Ha Tay district, Hanoi

Situated on an area of ​​2 square kilometers in Thach That, Ha Tay, about 1km from Tay Phuong Pagoda, Hoang Long Resort is designed elegant, rustic space  and is  a very peaceful resort.

The strong point of the Hoang Long Resort is eco-tourism area with various services. A further utility of the Hoang Long resort is a play area for kids. If any family with young children, there is  a spacious area  which named Vuon Co Tich will make the boys and girls enjoy  being playful relaxed under the shade of trees and very interesting game, etc.

if tourists in Vietnam travel are a lover of plants, you’d be amazed at the collection and look how many plants throughout the region are gathering in Vietnam Hoang Long Resort.

The prices of Hoang Long’s rooms are in quite reasonable because it is newly built resort but you can be completely assured of quality service.


Tuan Chau island – A beautiful natural island

16 Aug

Tuan Chau island is a new wonderful island with beautiful natural and interesting entertainments, has attracted many domestic and foreigner tourists in Vietnam tours!

Halong Bay, one of the World Heritages, comprises thousands of big and small islands. Each one has its own characteristic with various caves: Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Trinh Nu Cave. Tuan Chau Island is the only soil island of all. It is not only a place having beautiful natural surroundings: pine trees, lakes, beautiful beach…but also where President Ho Chi Minh chose to be the relax place of other State officials’ and his when they came here in 1959.

Tuan chau island – A Beautiful island

On the total area of 400 ha, Tuan Chau has the population of 1500. As planned, the total area of Tuan Chau will be widen to 675 ha. It enjoys the advantage of having both road and river transportations. It is about 18 km away from National Highway No.1. This route is an important blood vessel of the robust HanoiHai PhongQuang Ninh economic triangle. It takes about 3 hours from Mong Cai ( 2 hours by boat) and 1 hour from Hai Phong.

Tuan Chau island’s name is the combination between ‘linh tuan’ (the patrolman) and ‘tri chau’ (district chief) because in the feudal time, the royal army set up a guard station here to patrol and defend the borderland. Prior to 1999, the island’s residents suffered from a very modest living standard. There was no power network and no clean water. Roads were only trails and there was no mechanical means of transportation. Tuan Chau was a very poor town where fishing with very rudimentary tools is the only means of living.

The first project of great significance was to link Tuan Chau and the National Highway No18 by building a road. The work was officially started on February 28th, 1998. All company staff had to overcome numerous hardships to achieve this difficult task, which translated people’s dream into reality.

Dolphin & Seal Club

Tuan Chau has become well- known to both international and domestic tourists as an attractive destination with:

– a dolphin&seal club
– a circus
– a crocodile club
– an (artificial) beach with 4 km long.
– a Vietnamese culinary area
– a hotel and resort area of 5-star standard (200 rooms)
– a water recreation park with activities such as motor racing, canoeing, parachuting, water skiing, etc.
– Ha Long Bay sight- seeing services by canoe, boat, helicopter.
– a high tech water fountain with music playing, laser lighting and film projecting on water screens.

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Hanoi, Tuan Chau island is a must-see place that should not be missed!